Say hello to your stress-busting flower plan!

Our powerhouse team of professional floral designers will help you make that Pinterest dreams a reality!

We'll hop on a video call where we'll swoon over your floral inspirations, fawn over your venue, and hold your hand while delivering a devastatingly unique floral design. Are you in??

DUE TO HIGH DEMAND our calendars are booking up FAST. Do not wait to book your consultation! Booking 3 months before your wedding is best!

Collaboration + Advice + Customized Recipes!

Collaborate with a professional florist to nail your vision.


Questions and advice on supplies and ways to repurpose florals.


We'll craft a vision board with you to make sure we nail your look.


You'll get a custom design packet with recipes, supplies, timelines, and more!

Pick Your Package
We have 3 tiers of packages so you can find your fit
Custom Design - The Full Monty

Custom Design - The Full Monty

Price: $135.00

Everything in the Basic and Helping Hand plus:
Transportation Strategy
  • Your designer will create a specific transportation timeline and gameplan for your floral transportation - everything from the pick up to the venue and the tear down.
Second Video Call for Follow-up Gameplan the Month of Your Wedding
  • You will have a second video call with a professional designer within a month of your event. You'll go over final details including your timeline, your helpers, your supplies, and all the last-minute details. We'll make sure you're well prepared and haven't forgotten anything since your initial meeting!
Revision Request
  • You get two (2) free revision requests!



Custom Design - The Helping Hand

Custom Design - The Helping Hand

Price: $75.00

Custom Design - The Basic Design

Custom Design - The Basic Design

Price: $45.00

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Custom Designs In the Wild!

Custom Design Compatibility Quiz

If you:

  • Want everyone to scream "OMG THESE FLOWERS ARE SO YOU"
  • Have no clue how to get there beyond pointing at a picture
  • Possess a vision but get a sweaty lip when you have to build a cart
  • Crave a hair-flip inspiring pep talk from a florist

You are a cautious visionary and our CUSTOM DESIGN package is for you!

I'm so proud of the atmosphere we created for our favorite people to celebrate our special day! Our small guest list and intentional choices made it so this day was wholly ours, and the love shared between everyone there completely filled us up.

Thank you for making DIY wedding flowers possible! This was one of my favorite parts of the wedding experience and I'm so grateful for your help in making it happen!




Some companies offer free Custom Designs, why don't you?

Would you ever let a free CPA do your taxes, trust a free hairstylist to dye your hair, or find any real value in a service that’s given away for free? Probably not.

Here’s the deal: you’re speaking with a professional florist who has years of experience. This expertise simply cannot be taught in a quick training seminar.

We hire real life wedding florists who freelance, so trust your entire fee is going right to your beloved designer.

How far in advance should I book?

We recommend that you schedule your consult 6+ months before your event. This will give you and your designer plenty of time to nail your vision and make any necessary changes along the way.

Due to high demand, our calendars are typically booked 2-3 weeks out for a Custom Design consultation appointment. Therefore, we ask that you schedule your appointment

Will I be talking to a douche with a bluetooth headset?

We’d NEVER do you dirty like that! You are paying to speak to the real-deal. Our Custom Design Specialists are full-time professional florists who side-hustle for Flower Moxie. You won’t be talking to Call Center Chad. Our Designers are not in-office staff, nor are they part of Flower Moxie's Customer Service or Orders Team.

What if my wedding is on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday?

We offer floral delivery Tuesday - Thursday which serves Friday - Sunday weddings. If you wedding falls Monday - Thursday, we may not be able to provide flowers; reach out to us with questions.

So they WON'T upsell me? I have a tiny budget 🥺

Heck no! Our Custom Design specialists are here for YOU. No pushiness, promise. If you request something out of your price range, your Designer will suggest similar options that are less spendy. If your Designer notices that your vision is pushing you outside of your desired budget, they will offer up alternative suggestions, for example:

  • "Instead of 15 large centerpieces, you could do 5-7 large and the rest can be clusters of bud vases and candles....that will keep you in budget!"
  • "If we swapped out Juliet Garden Roses for standard Shimmer Roses that will keep costs down while still giving you the peachy tones!"
  • "If you were to forage some branches the week of your wedding, we could reduce the greenery on your wedding arch cages. That'll save you some cheddar!"
Will my designer be my go-to contact for all my questions?

Only for your custom design needs. You’ll want to reach out to our Customer Service or Orders Team for any floral or order-related questions.

Our Custom Design Specialists are professional florists who are not in the office on the regular. Email if you have any questions!

What if I want a revision?
I like all the things. How many changes can I make? 
What happens if I totally change my mind on my original concept? Does that count as my one revision?
My designer jacked something up. Does that count as my revision?
When should I make my final revision?
Why do you charge for revisions?