Meet our Staff!

MacKenzie, aka 'Mac'

Flower Designer

Meet the fabulous Mackenzie, our flower wizard extraordinaire who's been sprinkling floral magic since the early days of our blooming paradise! Mackenzie is not just a florist; she's a super-creative force that turns every flower arrangement into a masterpiece.

What makes Mackenzie blossom with joy at 21 Petals? Well, aside from crafting stunning bouquets, it's the blooming friendships she's cultivated with her awesome coworkers. Mackenzie thrives on being part of our customers' special moments, adding a touch of floral delight to their joyous occasions.

Outside the petals and stems, Mackenzie's life is a vibrant bouquet of interests. She's not just a flower enthusiast; she's a culinary artist whipping up delicious creations and a mixologist shaking things up with fun cocktails. But that's not all – Mackenzie's creativity extends to crafting beautiful earrings and, of course, spending quality time with her favorite people.

When it comes to favorite flowers, Mackenzie faces a tough decision between the intoxicating scent of garden roses and the unique charm of anemones. It's a floral dilemma, but one thing's for sure – Mackenzie's passion for petals is in full bloom! 🌸✨

Emma and Dante

Floral Designer

Meet Emma, our floral magician, and her four-legged accomplice, Dante, bringing a touch of Swedish magic to our flower shop! Emma's craft is nothing short of amazing, infusing her designs with that special Swedish style. And let's talk about Dante – not just a pet, but our honorary shop dog, spreading tail-wagging joy wherever he struts.

Emma doesn't just arrange flowers; she orchestrates a symphony of petals, bringing a unique twist to every creation. Workdays are super fun with Emma around, especially when Dante adds his paw-sonality to the mix. It's a dynamic duo that turns our shop into a bloom-filled circus of fun!

Emma Loves letting her creative side shine through with her floral arrangements. She also really enjoys her coworkers. Outside of work, she likes cooking, baking, and running. Her favorite flower is the garden rose