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Did you know 21 Petals Florist and Flower Market didn't start out as your typical flower business? Oh no, it happened by accident, and it's one wild ride! You see, we've got our own flower farm, and our original plan was simple: just grow those gorgeous flowers. Maybe do a few small bouquets to make the world a brighter place, but, no fancy designing involved. Here's the twist though - when you have a flower farm, people are going to ask you to design work! And honestly, who can blame them? Locally grown flowers are awesome!

Nervously, I eventually agreed to do the flowers for my first wedding!  And let me tell you, it was mind-blowing! Actually, scratch that—it was more than mind-blowing, it was pure love. From my very first wedding, I was completely and utterly hooked! Next thing I know, I was flinging flowers left, right, and center, creating floral pieces like a mad genius.  The passion was burning bright!

To support my flower frenzy, my amazing husband rolled up his sleeves and built me a design studio right inside our rustic 125 year old barn. Can you believe it? Before I knew it, I had my own team of flower fanatics backing me up and we were flinging floral magic from Monticello to the south side of Indianapolis!  

With our flower power in full swing, we were soon rocking weddings and events year round! Talk about a floral frenzy! And you know what? We decided to take it to the next level. We flung open the doors of our flower market in Lafayette, Indiana, and we haven't looked back since. Weddings are more than just our jam – they're our electric guitar solo, our wild dance party, and our ultimate adrenaline rush!

So, if you're ready to unleash some serious flower magic and add a whole lot of spunk to your special day, you know where to find us. 21 Petals is here to make your event explode with vibrant blooms and unforgettable style. Let's rock this floral world together!